Must Know About The Bitcoin

Right in the course of the global economic flux and financial catastrophe the investors are becoming pretty much aware of the Bitcoin and benefits and advantages over the traditional forms of the assets and money. Even though several investors were still guarded of the Bitcoin’s fluctuating worth, and there are five major characteristics of the Bitcoin that the investors and the people must be known.

Increasing Worth Based on the Market Demand. The worth of the Bitcoin is exclusively based right into the market’s demand for the digital currency. And it is not quite affected by the government’s regulation or their operations, dissimilar with the fiat money or assets that are facilitated by the government. The worth of the Bitcoin goes up and down depending right into the level of the demand for the Bitcoin during a particular duration period. However, there is an existing circuitous parallel right between the Bitcoin’s worth and also the economic instability. At any moment that the government has decided to enter a state of financial and also the economic instability and as well as imposes heavy restrictions right into the money transmission, the users and also the investor's fright and panic to purchase the Bitcoin to be able to be certain that their wealth will remain secured. And if this incident takes place, the value of the Bitcoin inclined as well and the demand for the digital currencies ascends. The investors can fully take advantage of the global market instability and grow the regulations on the cash by apportioning a capital right into the Bitcoin.

Decentralized Environment. The Bitcoin is quite decentralized in nature. And the digital currency is not being facilitated or yet maneuvered by a centralized entity. Therefore, with the non-custodial wallets and exchanges, and there are no individuals or third parties can be able to attain control right of the users’ funds or the Bitcoin. There are times that the investors experienced a hard time to be able to make use of their existing assets or even their money for the reason of the low liquidity. Right in the numbers of cases, this fully derives right from an excessive level of control illustrated by the centralized entity that was being responsible enough for securing the assets of the users and the investors. And if an entity chooses to freeze or even hold the investor assets upon the demand of the law enforcement or the government, the investor will not be able to withdraw or even liquidate their assets. The Bitcoin thwarts the inevitable circumstances as with the non-custodial wallet, the investors can be able enough to own a Bitcoin without having to deal right with the third-party service providers. They can also generate paper wallets or cold storage to be able to save the Bitcoin offline to be sure enough that the wallet platforms or the online service providers will not be able to gain access to their Bitcoin.

It’s Transportability. The Bitcoin is the only asset, currency, and even store of value in the entire world these days in which the investors can fully settle right across the border payments with effortlessness. And the other forms of currencies or assets in particularly with the gold in which is long-considered to be the global safe haven asset makes inefficient stores of value as they entail the company of the third-party service providers or even a particular infrastructure to transport. More notably, there are quite a number of countries that are currently having strict regulations and restrictions right into the trading and transportation of the physical assets pertaining to gold. Consequently, the governments and the authorities can simply seize or confiscate the assets similar to gold while the Bitcoin cannot be controlled by a centralized entity. And also the costs of fees for the Bitcoin transactions are independent and are not being based on a number of transactions, in which means that whatever the amount an investor wished to send to a recipient can be easily settled together with the average cost of fee of $0.11.; and these fee applies to any transaction in regards of any size, in spite of the amount of the money that it being dealt within the transaction.

The Lesser Instability. The merchants and the investors frequently express their concerns towards the Bitcoin’s high volatility. Conversely, right over the past year, the instability rate of the Bitcoin has significantly lessened and becoming less volatile than the reserve currencies in which include the Pound Sterling. The declining instability rate of the Bitcoin makes it more and more feasible as a global currency, store of value and also an investment. More outstandingly the worth of the Bitcoin has kept on upholding rising trend for almost over six months as an escalating quantity of individuals and businesses embark on to fully recognize the Bitcoin as a security against the economic instability. For a case in point, the Bitcoin trading and the demand right in the countries in particularly India and China have surges right over the past three months due to the fact that the heavy capital controls and the financial regulations that are imposed by the local authorities arises.

High Level of Liquidity. The Bitcoin has extensively high liquidity right in the regions and the countries with well-established Bitcoin infrastructure and regulations. The countries pertaining with the South Korea, Taiwan, and Switzerland showcases a higher liquidity than the most assets and every now and then, even the credit cards due to the presence of the startups that make possible accessible locations such as convenience stores to smooth the progress of fiat-to-Bitcoin trading. And for the high profile traders, several exchanges allocates trades of up to the summation of over $100,000 per day and the daily trading limits of the exchanges in vastly regulated countries such as United States of America and South Korea are much elevated. At the same time, the investors have to deal with the extensive KYC policies and regulations, and the traditional assets and the bank systems demand even further complex KYC/AML requirements.

SWIFT-Like Blockchain-Powered Money Transfer Network

At this very moment, Stellar is introducing one of the very first Blockchain applications in which may be able to uphold a latent to influence right into a massive quantity of people were living outside the digital currency universe and all the way through its global money transfer network together with a target goal of the various world’s biggest remittance markets.

And as it has been pictured by CTO Jed McCaled as an open-source SWIFT alike network in which allocates the associated organizations to be able to transact with one and another; therefore assisting to lessen the friction that contributes right into the higher cost of fees. Plus the platform also unites with the various financial systems together with one technical integration. He also emphasizes that given the diverse environment of the global financial services these days with this interoperability can effusive significantly lower the global remittance cost of fees by making transactions that cross the national boundaries, the currencies, and the financial institutions are further competent. The transactions that are mold and processed right in the Stellar network can only take within just 3-5 to be entirely accomplished and also are extremely in a low cost of fees and in spite of the size of the payment amount, the qualities that make the platform exceptionally appropriate right for the international remittances.

The Stellar has amalgamated the four key institutions to be capable of making the low cost of fees of the global money transfers into India, the Philippines and also Europe as well as the cross-border M-Pesa payments right into and from Kenya, Ghana and also Nigeria. These particular new joint ventures are predominantly evocative right into the company due to the fact that it is one of the very first applications to ever use the Blockchain technology right into the positive impact a massive quantity of populace who are not already well-established right in the digital currency universe.

The also allows the individuals to be able to send remittances right into every single person in the Philippines in utilizing the Stellar wallet or from any single institution that is associated with its network. In supplementary with these facts, the ICICI Bank in which is the India’s biggest private sector bank will provide for the Indian market and also the Tempo Money Transfer will give their service right into the summation of 35 countries all across the world. The Flutterwave will also utilize the network to be able to sustain the cross-border payments for the M-Pesa in which is a mobile platform for the money transfer and the financial services used by about the summation of over 21 million subscribers in Kenya. These particular new services will be able to expand the users’ capability to send the payments despite the consequences of whether they are bases right in Kenya, Ghana or even Nigeria.

As based on the World Bank, the global remittances into rising countries has amounted right into the summation of over $431.6 billion in the year of 2015, and the Stellar together with their newest remittance service that is aiming right for the new and fresh markets. This particularly includes the three of the top five remittance receiving countries in which pertains with the India, the Philippines, and Nigeria together with a joint market value of more than the summation of $118 billion.

The Stellar in which is a non-for-profit network and truly operates right on the belief that the world’s financial infrastructure is much imperative that it must function further similarly to a public utility such as the internet. And in supplementary with these verities, they also deemed that it must not be owned by one for-profit entity and must be able to showcase the financial services to the entire populace in which also includes the underbanked. CTO Jed McCaled also adds up that the Blockchain-based solution will seek to be able to eradicate the necessity for all of the intermediaries and allocating the entire consumers and the businesses to fully interact together with each and everyone directly as they are actually doing it by the means of emailing them. As he quoted that one of the essential applications is entirely highlighted regarding the Blockchain technology and its latent to be able to cater the financial services right into the underbanked. On the other hand, he also underscores that up until this very moment, the benefits of the Blockchain have largely served the technologists and also the Bitcoin community. And together with this certain project, the targets to take a collective step ahead in gratifying the pledge of utilizing the Blockchain technology towards the financial inclusion right for the summation of over the 2.5 billion of the underbanked populace all across and around the world.

It Is All About The BTC-E Code

BTC-E Code has started in a Big Four Bitcoin exchange in the whole wide world with the market for trading right between the Bitcoins and the other currencies in which includes the US Dollar, the Russian Ruble, and the other cryptocurrencies.

The site was first released for a test mode on the 17th of July year 2011 and the live trading had begun on the 7th of August with the same year. Right in its next year, in which occurred on the 31st of July, the service has reported an incident of a security in which has stopped the progress of the trading and brings the financial lost right into the exchange. Right, there the exchange covered the losses right from the reserves and the trading and resumed within after hours. A few days later, on the 2nd of August, the service has added an API right for the trading but remains an API right for the Bitcoin withdrawals in which was something that is offered by the every single major exchange at that time. In almost three weeks later, in which has occurred on the 20th of August, the service has added the BTC/RUR and also the USD/ RUR trading markets. Several days later, on the 3rd of September, the service has added various RUR deposit and withdrawal methods just similarly with the USD deposit and withdrawal methods. Truly the BTC-E lives and breathes together with the progress.

From there, BTC-E Code was born and was released right in the digital currency universe. BTC-E Code is a financial mechanism whose worth is achievable by the means of redeeming its code. Redeemable codes are in general considered as the bearer tools such that whichever the party is the first to redeem the code will be able to become the very owner of the funds that the BTC-E Code are entitled to. Several Bitcoin exchanges are offering the redeemable codes as a means that focused on allocating the funds to be transferred right from the first user into another. And these particular codes perhaps are denominated in Bitcoins or they may possibly be denominated right in a government currency such as the US Dollars.

The phrase redeemable code was very first brought on the table right into the Bitcoin community by the Mt.Gox but the very concept had been in use previously right under a variety of terms. The MoneyPak, for example, refers right into the code bury underneath a scratch-off protective layer as the MoneyPak Number. The other term that may refer right into the very same concept are the recharge codes, the scratch codes and also the single-use vouchers or etc.

The one who is selling the redeemable code will be able to have the terms of how the code is used. And the funds being redeemed in using the MoneyPak just for an example maybe not be accessible immediately or are the subject right into being clawed back if the seller felt that the party that redeemed the particular code had violated their terms of usage. And asking for a copy of the receipt at the moment of BTC-E Code may be able to help secure you right from the very risks. The code only has worth if the seller will grant the funds right into the party that redeems it. And the code can be measured to be a digital currency as it is issued by the seller and also can be able to use right into the transfer value electronically.

And now XMLGold proudly offers you the service of the BTC-E Code EUR and the BTC-E Code USD. Just simply visit the website of and you can purchase, exchange and sell the BTC-E Code together with the other digital currencies at any place and any time of the day. Even if it is holidays, there will be no day-offs. Plus the customer care service of the XMLGold is happy to serve you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So what are you waiting for? Go now, visit, purchase, exchange or even sell the BTC-E Code EUR and BTC-E Code USD with the assistance of XMLGold where digital currencies are always available and on the go! With just one click, one tap, there you can have it as fast as one wink of an eye…

The Durbin Amendment of the Dodd-Frank Act: Debit Card Payments

The Morning Consult has conducted a national survey with the correspondent of over the summation of 1,999 registered voters, residing in the United States of America right from the 13th of October this year, and came up with the data that outrageously tells that there are more than six out of ten consumers that probably wanted to revoke of the merchant markup in which was fully known as the Durbin Amendment of the Dodd-Frank Act.

As a fraction coming from the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, in which was the Durbin Amendment a lesser debit card interchange cost of fees, in which charges that particular stores to pay the banks every single moment that a customer uses their debit card to pay or to make a purchase in which may probably cost the consumers as an estimated amount worth of $4 billion, annually.

Based with the Federal Reserve that a transaction involves the five main parties in which were the consumer, the consumer’s bank in which pertains with the issuer, the merchant, the merchant’s bank in which pertains with the acquirer, and lastly, the card network. The card provider bank offers the card reader technology and also the processing activities right to the merchant. And the network creates the policies right for the card transactions and therefore coordinates the transmission of the information and the funds between the two banks.

Right in the debit transaction, the interchange cost of fees was being paid by the acquirer to the issuer and it is commonly deducted right from the amount transferred from the issuer to the acquirer upon settling. The interchange cost of fee schedules are being scheduled are being set by the network that carries transactions in particularly with the Visa, MasterCard, or even one of the PIN debit networks. As prior to the Federal Reserve Board in which was issued-Reg. II in the year 2011, June to be able to fully implement the Durbin Amendment, the interchange cost of fees were being set at the amount of $0.48. Right then, the Board clarifies that, “Under the supervision of the regulation that was imposed on the 11th of October year 2011, the interchange cost of fees right for the issuer together with their assets being greater the summation of over the amount of $10 billion were capped at the total amount of 21 cents plus the 0.05% of the transaction value. It is totally reflecting a provision of the bill, and Reg II further permits the covered issuers to be able to receive a 1 cent adjustment right for the fraud prevention costs. And together with the interchange cost of fee cap and the fraud-prevention adjustment entailed a maximum interchange fee of 24 cents for the summation of $38 debit card transaction in which is a decline of a 45% right from its average value of 44 cents for the very exact and the same transaction in the year 2009 as prior with the Durbin Amendment of the Federal Reserve Board 2011b.”

Uber Launches Its Signature Debit Card in Latin America

Uber, which is a $68 billion transportation network and technology company, has launched its signature debit card network right in Latin America, in the cooperation with the FinTech bank, Bankaool.

As the Francisco Mere, the CEO of Bankaool stated that, “This reflects how the FinTech together with an open IT architecture can work together as one with the IT companies, and showcasing innovative and also disruptive solutions right to an increasing number of markets,”

Bankaool is a Latin American online FinTech bank that serves the populace varieties of financial services in which includes the MasterCard debit card issuance. The firm’s mainly focal point was regarding right on the mobile banking in which enables its consumers to be able to take control virtually at every single financial settlement and tasks online via their mobile phones and electronic gadgets. And the Uber signature debit card, for instance, can be beyond doubt accessed internationally utilizing the web or mobile. Similarly to the traditional bank-issued debit cards, the consumers can use it to purchase through online, make their free transfers and also manage their balances right on the Bankaool mobile application.

Right from a regular consumer standpoint, it appears as if a multi-billion dollar institution like the Uber would rather form a joint venture together with the issuing party such as the MasterCard, instead of the third party companies like the Bankaool. On the other hand, right in the part of the consideration of the Latin America mobile ecosystem and also of the financial market, the Uber has made a sophisticated one-of-a-kind FinTech movement.

And for over the past decade, the mobile ecosystem right in Latin America has significantly grown and developed and illustrating an astounding 112 percentage in the summation of its penetration rate right in the mobile connections and the 52 percentage coming from its penetration rate right in the unique monthly subscribers. As according to the GSM Association in which are the 3G/4G connections are being projected to cultivate by almost of 80 percent by the very end of the year 2020 in which represents the rapidly growing connectivity rate in the midst of Latin American mobile users.

In spite of Latin America’s developed mobile ecosystem, it has an underdeveloped financial market in which with less than 14 percent of the population is having their formal savings account. I most cases, it is particularly way complicated to be able to open debit or credit cards without having a formal savings account. As the banks demand a consistent in and outflow of money right in their bank accounts and also acquires the individuals to hold on a certain amount of money right in their accounts just before opening bank-issued credit cards.

For Uber, the debit and credit card penetration rate is way too crucial as the entire platform is based right on the two-way payment selections. Without debit and credit cards, the users cannot be able to use Uber to travel around. Right in the countries like the Philippines, where obtaining a debit or credit card is drastically difficult, an increasing number of the people are passing up the chance and opportunity to use Uber because there is a lack of the financial services. If such regions can be able to obtain debit cards right from a major financial network similarly to the MasterCard, a bigger market will be available for Uber to target.

The Chief of the Digital Bank, Business Development and Marketing Officer of the Bankaool, Juan Carlos Espinosa has said that, “#YourUberCardforEverything (#TuTarjetaUberParaTodo) can be utilized to be able to pay at the movie theaters, stores or even restaurants, as well as the e-commerce and the mobile apps that accept MasterCard and both tight in Mexico and internationally. And even to be able to withdraw cash at the ATMs.”

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