South Korea Craves A Bigger Appetite For Bitcoin…

South Korea has declared that it is now putting the high measure into places right for the spread of the top digital currency in which was the Bitcoin.

The Asian country is the home to an enough number of the Bitcoin exchanges in which includes the Korbit and the CoinOne which currently badge the places of the 22nd and the 29th positions right in the list of the top exchanges as according to a 24-hour volume of rankings right on the CoinMarketCap. And it is also the home of the CoinPlug in which has been spreading an excellent quality of their services since the year of 2013 and also had introduced the two-way of the Bitcoin ATM in the country.

Yim Jong-Yong the Chairman of the Financial Services Commission or the FSC suggested that the government at this very moment do have the plan to be able to create a new consortium to develop and at the same time implement the Blockchain technology right in their financial sector within the following year and also to institutionalize the Bitcoin to operate a better right in the approaching future of the financial ecosystem. As an outcome, there are similarly to be more activities in the FinTech sector, and its particular impact is likely to able to reverberate all across the other areas. And at the 12th FinTech Center Demo Day event in which happened on the 24th of October this year he said that, “The government will push right for the systematization of the digital currency on a full scale together with a global trend in the United States of America, Japan, and other countries. And we have built the foundation for the FinTech industry over the past two years. And now, we are already geared up to take the next step in reforming the financial regulation and system.”

Based on the Library of Congress, there is at present no laws right in South Korea regulating the use of the Bitcoin system. On the other hand, the President of the Bank of Korea has recommended at a press conference in December of the year 2013 the digital currency be regulated shortly. And that time seems to be at this very moment. Yim Jong-Yong believed that “The Blockchain technology is emerging as the central core of the infrastructure of the future finance. And we will go ahead right with a joint research and the pilot projects ahead of the international trends by launching a joint Blockchain consortium of the financial industry right within this year. And we will also reinforce the functions of the FinTech Support Center to back up the FinTech industry practically and also expand the size of the support right for the policy finance up to the summation of the three trillion Won for the following three years and the use the funds as priming the water for the FinTech ecosystem.”

The FSC is the body that has been responsible for the policy and financial monitoring right in the entire country. And it has mandates to draft and also amend the financial laws and regulations; monitors the financial institutions; along with overseeing the capital markets; furthermore supervise the foreign exchange transactions. Yim Jong-Yong also stated that the government will also offer for over the summations of 3 trillion Won as converted for over $2.65 billion US Dollars right in the financial support for the development of the FinTech sector for over the following three years. And during that certain event, the Korean FSC signed an MOU onto the cooperation in the FinTech sector together with the Monetary Authority of Singapore or the MAS. And they will exchange information regarding the FinTech associated regulations and policies, the market trends and onto the joint projects on the central core technologies such as the digital and the mobile payment, the Blockchains and the big data.

No More WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI, and Wallet One in Ukraine!

It was tilting at the windmills as the Ukraine banks the Russian payment services! A month before the year 2016 ends, the National Bank of Ukraine introduces a ban right on the usage of the payment services that was being provided by WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI, and Wallet One. The state authority has already clarified that it was because the rules of the digital money usage were not coordinated by the companies’ right with the National Bank of Ukraine that their stipulation of their services was perched.

Right in these particular circumstances the service users are the ones license affected the most; as it will become impossible to be able to pay right for the goods and the services and also withdraw money right from their eWallets operated by the banned payment services providers. The PR Manager of QIWI, Aleksander Dzhabarov has already made their statement of, “We are really flabbergasted regarding the fact that QIWI has got right into the list of the banned payment services with just one simple reason in which the company does not licensed to operate right in Ukraine since of the year 2012.”

The Press Secretary of Yandex.Money who’s been puzzled has expressed their thoughts regarding the situation that, “The Yandex.Money has been operating and spreading our world class services all around and across the globe, at any single place where there is an internet connection and as according to with the licensed issued by the Central Bank of Russia in the acquiescence right with the national policies.” Then the spokesperson continues their statement by uttering that, “Nevertheless, we do not have any single subsidiaries right in Ukraine; and unluckily, we cannot persistently take the full control right on how our services act in agreement with the legislation of the countries where our services had become known. And every single country has its very own legislation and breathing with the rules each and every second of the day is the responsibility of the populace of particular countries. And Yandex.Money has not introduced every single restriction for the services that we are providing to the users right from Ukraine.”

As according right with the legislation of Ukraine, the issuing of the digital money can be only done by the National Bank f Ukraine. And the Press Office of the National Bank of Ukraine has spoken their side with this regulation that, “Taking right into the account had introduced precautions that the National Bank of Ukraine has ordered the banks and the other financial institutions to prohibit the provision of the services of the international payment systems in which was created by the residents of the Russian Federation, and to finalized the reciprocal payments and also return the licenses right for the participation of the institutions with the international payment systems right to the National Bank of Ukraine.”

The recent measures are right only a part of the national campaign for restricting of the banks and the financial institutions that was established by the Russian residents on the sovereign territory of Ukraine. Right in this year’s late October a draft of the law right on the amendments to the regulations of the banking activities was brought to the table right for a discussion at the Verkhovna Rada. The explanatory note that is attached right to the draft of law has stated that Russia as the aggressor country keeps on maintain a significant impact right on the Ukrainian economy and lives the citizens by trusting their companies and banks right in the country.

The Head of the Association of Russian Banks, Garegin Tosunyan noted the introduced measures as an irrational and populist as he utters the statement that, “The financial industry acquires pragmatic and positive approach. And there are no investors would ever trust their money right to a bank of a particular country to bring harm right to the national economy. And instead of harm, it showcases by the immediate withdrawal of the capital right from the economic system. Within this regard, Russia and the Russian financial institutions are acting in an adequate manner, since they do not withdraw their funds right from the economy of Ukraine.”

The Russian banks and the payments systems remain in becoming a subject matter to a comprehensive national restrictions. And the National Bank of Ukraine has totally ordered that the financial institutions must fully suspend all of their operations together with the Russian payment services providers. The payment system Colibri has been operated by the Sberbank, Zolotaya Korona, Unistream, Anelik, and Blizko were right on the list of the systems that has to farewell in Ukraine! The payment services provider WebMoney has caught the attention of the authorities in way back year 2013. At the period when the national tax authorities had visited the offices of the WebMoney and also arrested the company’s accounts that had accumulated of over and around the summation of 60 million of the Ukraine Givina in which summed in 6 million Euro.

This Is What PerfectMoney Guarantees Each And Every One Of Us!

In the matter of unstable moments, it is exceptionally tricky to set any only financial guarantees. And the circumstances right in the global markets right from now and then changes headlong, and it is frequently occurring at the currency rates, and also the cost of the raw materials and metals solely depends right on the essential aspects and are not the individual subject right into the technical analysis and also forecasting. Several first-rate payments have tried their very best upon guaranteeing their constancy but suddenly had failed to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities given a right to the users and also the contractors. The myopic investment guidelines and the court claims of the tax agencies have regularly adversely affected the work of the Electronic Payment Systems.

The fact that we cannot stand aside right with a thought that nevertheless been a reliable and secure payment system should ever exist. And that is the firm reason the PerfectMoney has ever been created to be able to work with the finance; and furthermore give a full satisfaction clients; also pay some respect right of the competitors and thousand of daily registrations and also the astronomical quantities of the currencies trusted to PerfectMoney by the users are the very best guarantee that the tomorrow’s financial day will embark good with the PerfectMoney and that the PerfectMoney has a bright future… or it is better to say that the upcoming future has PerfectMoney.

A group of the PerfectMoney legal representatives have analyzed the experience of the other payment system and also developed a one of a kind system together with the security and also can be able to satisfy and can exclusively guarantee of the customer’s funds are in the right hands at the same time. Bearing in mind that a prudent risk distribution the analysis of the PerfectMoney have made its way to being able to evaluate all of the possible dangerous moments and also the threats to the system security. The PerfectMoney does not practice investment activity and has refused the system tools that undeniably achieve the revenues by putting an investment at the user’s funds; and owing to this particular fact that the PerfectMoney is absolutely protected right from the majority of the risks that may, without doubt, affect the standard banks and also the payment systems.

The steadfastness and immovability of the PerfectMoney are fundamentally based on the collaboration together with dozens of exchangers on the internet that fully run their businesses for an extended period already and have also showcase each and everyone and themselves as approved, secure and also stable partners in the field of the electronic currency exchange. The trade partners sincerely cooperate with the PerfectMoney by exchanging PM right within the frame of partner interrelations. And they are the system guarantors that are providing the exchange of any amount of the PerfectMoney just within the duration of 24 hours.

And there is another guarantee of the security of the customer’s funds is multi-plan and also multi-currency accounts that provide the PerfectMoney system right with the apex level of flexibility and also the resistance to the macro-economical fluctuations and also changes of the currency rates and the metals. The security of the PerfectMoney customers’ funds can be also guaranteed by the multistage intellectual safety system based on up-to-date scientific researches and studies right in the fields of the data security. For more information and certainty on the PerfectMoney, kindly please read the article entitled with “PerfectMoney’s Wonderful Operating Features.”

Beyond doubt, PerfectMoney fully understands that the level of the financial security of the user's impacts that the reputation of the entire company. And since the reputation and the name always come first for any single company, and PerfectMoney considers the financial guarantees provided to the users as the premier priority task, so the PerfectMoney try to sternly pursue all business ideologies and the traditions while working with the finances.
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Growing Industry Sector of Bitcoin Debit Cards!

The Bitcoin keeps on maintaining its confidence in making its way to mass adoption. The replication of the traditional financial system elements was constantly an inevitable attribute of this process and finally it came into debit cards. And someone thinks that entering the debit cards make spontaneous sense regarding making the Bitcoin spending mainstream, and someone thinks of it as of a temporary solution in a way to something more.

The Bitcoin debit card market is entirely novel, and there is not that much to spill regarding its history. And it is ordinarily presumed that every single thing of it had begun in way back year 2014 when the mass media had talked about the Xapo which is the company that debuted with the very first Bitcoin debit card. And soon, it was no longer something only one of its kind as the niche had begun developing and growing dynamically and already in this very year the segment had become diversified enough to showcase and provide an excellent opportunity to select among several varieties of solutions. And up to this date, there are more than 20 companies who can be able to provide the Bitcoin debit card services for tens of thousands cardholders all around and across the world. The launched of an owned Bitcoin debit card was also the initial idea of the United Kingdom-based financial solutions provider in which was the Spectro Finance. The company came with this particular idea in which was probably earlier than anyone else in the market in the time table of the year 2013.

On the other hand, the very first two years of the company’s motion were devoted to project something that is way poles apart than the others in which is fastidious into two separate projects. The first of them was the Spectro Coin in which was a Bitcoin exchange with a Blockchain-based wallet and risk-free merchant solutions that indeed can probably provide the exchange service in which allocates integrating the Bitcoin in any business with the amount of 25,000 Euro with no-fee limits at all. The second one was the SpectroCard in which was a virtual MasterCard-based prepaid card that which was claimed to be one of the most flexible and also the cheapest payment card solutions for the European market.

The Spectro Coin debit card was introduced two years later in which slated in the early period of the year 2015, and at this very moment, the company had managed to pull out and issue the summation of more than 20,000 cards in which was outspread in more than 120 countries on the planet. A quite a flexible solution, the card is accepted anywhere where Visa and MasterCard are supported; therefore the users can be able to withdraw and spend their funds in millions of ATMs, websites, and shops all around the globe. And besides the Bitcoin, SpectroCoin Card provides support for Dollars, Euros, and Pounds and also one of its principal advantages was the card is suitable for instant funding that is why the owners do not have to exchange their Bitcoins in advance.

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